Limpiador y desmaquillante + Mascarilla nocturna + Facial de 10 minutos = The Seated Queen

Llega la crema fría contemporánea. Un producto: tres usos. Y todos magníficos.

A la venta, en exclusiva en Laconicum.

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Punto nº 5 del Manifiesto Laconicum → "La celulitis no se quita. No conocemos a nadie que no tenga: es un fenómeno democrático." Lee el Manifiesto completo →

A (very) boring life

Today is the same as yesterday and before yesterday and the day before yesterday. You barely go out. You spend most of time alone. Your home is your city. Every day looks the sime. And time goes by soo slowly.

It is time to use a clay mask: who cares, you will have the entire afternoon to clean the bathroom. Or to wear one buttock mask, lie face down to read a 1000 pages book and let it work. Apply a oil to give density to the eyebrows: you will be able to see day after day how they grow about 0.01 mm. If you don't now how to use the eye-liner, this is the perfect timing to learn? When will these desperate boring days end?

Sombra aquí, sombra allá

Toda buena marca de maquillaje necesita su paleta de sombras de ojos. Esta es la de Kjaer Weis. Toda persona a la que le gusta el maquillaje necesita su paleta de ojos. Aquí está The Quadrant Eye.

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Only the 8% pass the test

We test hundreds of beauty brands a year.

Only the 8% of them complete the Laconicum Selection Process. We are demanding judges.

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