It all started on a train

María and Anabel met 250 km away. per hour, on the AVE. Anabel remembers that María had her nails painted a beautiful burgundy color. Maria doesn't remember anything about Anabel. Years passed and they continued to meet. They were seen near a plate of spicy soup (their weakness), in a riad in Marrakech, commenting on episodes of The West Wing and in the streets of Malasaña. 

Coinciding with the most turbulent days of March 15, 2011, they decided they had to do something. Something that was yet to be defined and that had three starting points: cosmetics, travel and the Internet. They met in Infamous Guys with two red Delfonics Rollbahn notebooks. They started to talk. The notebooks began to fill with scribbles that only they understood. The meetings lasted longer and longer. 

On March 15, 2012, Laconicum was born. The rest is history. 


Anabel Vazquez

When he turned 18 his mother gave him a rouge Dior and Chanel No. 5. The good woman did not know what she had done. This gift, this rite of passage, set a precedent. Since then, Anabel has never stopped searching for the perfect lipstick. 

In parallel, he studied in Spain and the United States and worked in Communication at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and the New Museum in New York. 

In Spain, her career has been as dispersed and heterodox as she herself: she has been a consultant, Information Architect, Head of Heritage at Loewe and has written in more media than she can remember. Write about fashion, beauty and trends; "The pretty face of life", as he sums up. In her bag she always carries cosmetics to try; if you meet it on the street it will force you to try them. Now she spends her time between planes (dehydrated) and sitting in front of a screen. Of course, always with painted lips. 

Obsessions: lthe abandoned pools, The West Wing, the naps at the right time and at the wrong time, adding Tabasco to everything, traveling to Texas, the powdered perfumes that take her to Versailles, Taken house, Casa Barragán, unctuous body creams that smell of lemon and ginger. 


Maria Martinez

In June 2010, Maria went up, armed with a yellow dress, to the Cipriani stage, in New York, to pick up a Webby Award, The Oscar of the Internet. An idea of hers had won him, I wanna go there. At that moment, he thought of a few things. He recalled a trip to India (the germ of I wanna go there), when she realized that different travel guides were missing, in which travelers shared information and secrets. 
María proposed a transversal way of traveling, between the lines, based on discovery. 

Her trajectory of more than 10 years of experience in digital products has led her to work in companies such as Teknoland, McCann Erikson or Banco Santander. She also worked for 7 years as a user experience consultant at The Cocktail. 

In parallel, Maria, a traveler and discoverer by profession, found interesting cosmetic products in every destination she visited. After that award came the Spanish version of that website, And the interviews, conferences and round tables: there are not many in Spain who have the Webby on a shelf. That night, in New York, without releasing her award, María still did not know that some time later, she would unite her three great confessable passions, the Internet, travel and cosmetics, in a single website. 

Obsessions: passport size notebooks with white pages, Tratto PEN # 3 markers, the color orange, the first bit of sun on a day at the beach, Coca-Cola zero, coriander (if it is in a much better taco), soups , citrus perfumes, tousled hairstyles (which he still doesn't know how to do) and walking fast listening to Beirut. 

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