Laconicum is an independent and extraordinary online cosmetics store for pioneers, beauty freaks and the curious.

That is our official and formal definition. We invent Laconicum because Laconicum did not exist. We traveled, we browsed, we bought cosmetics and we shared our discoveries. We are cosmetic detectives. We were in Kyoto and we brought essences that looked like spring waters. We went to Stockholm, we wondered about those strong and Swedish manes. Then we would come back and tell each other. 

We find the name of Laconicum out of sheer serendipity.

Visiting a Roman house in Évora we saw a laconicum, a kind of sauna where the inhabitants and their friends met to relax and chat. Laconicum is a decompression and connection space. We like that you buy, but also that you enter, read and discover.

Our brands are hard to find in Spain; even impossible.

We are terrible judges and we choose brands very carefully. We select inspiring, honest and crazy cosmetics, like our favorite people. We like exclusives as much as Hello! 

Laconicum is full of oddities (we are that snobs) that have that X factor that makes us fall in love. 

We have launched in Spain, exclusively, brands such as: Argentum Apothecary, Fisix, Glov, Human & Kind, Kazumi, Le Baigneur, Les Anges ont la peau douce, Naïf, SAAL & CO, Swell, Soley Organics, SteamCream, The Skin Lounge, Toxic Twins, Treat, HealGel, Legology , Sans [ceuticals], Benamor, Skin Design, Pretty Athletic, Sam McKnight ... 

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