Nº 1

Beauty is freedom: not a collection of rules, a corset, or a moral refuge

Nº 2

Our beauty products are somewhere between escape, need, health and entertainment.

Nº 3

Beauty dogmas exist. Everyone should have their own and break them when they please.

Nº 4

We don't like the prefix anti-, so (anti) pathetic. We prefer multi.

Nº 5

Cellulite does not go away. We do not know anyone who does not have it: it is a democratic phenomenon.

Nº 6

We are interested in gravity 0 cosmetics; more heterodox than orthodox, more sensible than paternalistic, lighter than serious.

Nº 7

We promote conscious and meaningful shopping. Finish to the last drop or give it to a friend.

Nº 8

We are inspired by ultracosmetics: cosmetics that bring or make memories and open the door to other places.

Nº 9

We do not sell anything that we do not defend privately to our best friend.

Nº 10

We follow the Zadie Smith rule: 'spend no more than fifteen minutes a day, in total, in front of the mirror'. Many times, as a good rule, we break it. We spend five.

Nº 11

We are interested in logical cosmetics. The logical thing is to respect the environment and seek for clean formulas and behaviors.

Nº 12

We are interested in the cosmetic conversation, more in the streets than on the screens. We like likes, but we like a 'lend me that rouge' more.