I want to use a Sam McKnight product but I don't know which one

Everything a superstar does has to be a superstar. The Hair by Sam McKnight line is as it should be, more than you can imagine. You will not find the typical products, such as a shampoo or a conditioner, here you will find four practical and very cool ways to style your hair packaged in bottles. All have in common They are in mist texture and they smell wonderful.

You like all four but you don't know which one to choose. We help you. 

Cool girl

The authentic best seller and the most demanded.

Use it if: you are looking for texture, volume, loose wave. This spray helps you achieve that tousled-combed look that you've always wanted to have but that is so hard to achieve, like the Kate Moss, for which Sam McKnight is responsible. And the best part, it doesn't make your hair dirty and its scent lasts all day.

Easy-Up Do

Use it if: you usually do collected. We are not talking about tight or storied buns, but about that loose ponytail, Meghan's messy bun, of country braids.

This product helps you so that each hair stays where you decide. Sam defines it as "hairpins in a bottle". And forget about the stiffness of a hairspray.  

Lazy girl

Use it if: you have vague moments capillarly speaking. If there are days when you are lazy to wash your hair (or you don't have time).

This product is a dry shampoo. We like it because it absorbs fat and leaves hair feeling clean and loose, giving body and volume and instantly refreshing our head.

Modern Hairspray

Use it if: you need it all. If you straighten your hair it will protect it, if you have a wave it will fix it, if you are combed and you love it it will hold that hairstyle for hours. This product is “for everything”. In addition, it is very easy to use.  

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