Corporate gifts aren't just for Christmas. Throughout the year there are many occasions for companies (large and small) to give gifts to the people who work in them. And Laconicum's Extraordinary Cosmetics are an extraordinary way to thank and encourage people. 

7 reasons why your company should give Laconicum:

  1. You have already given away many bottles of wine and some ham. And even cheeses, how delicious. Now is the time to give away house or body soaps, Korean masks, packs of hair products or creams with the scent of the English countryside. 
  2. You are not just giving away cosmetics. You are giving away conversations with friends and, above all, you are giving away moments to take care of yourself. You are giving away time. 
  3. It arrives in our Packaging Laconicum. The person receives it prepared, perfumed and without any invoice, we do not want flushed cheeks because of embarrassment. If you want to include a note, then too. As long as you want. 
  4. We send it wherever you want. You ask and you forget. We do the rest. 
  5. We adapt to your budget. Tell us what it is and let's prepare an amazing and unique gift. 
  6. The person who receives it will probably wonder where you got it from. Who doesn't like to be a great discoverer, a little snob, a single verse?
  7. There are Laconicum products for all types of people and tastes, and all types of people and tastes work in your company. 

Are you interested? Or, better, we write it without question: you are interested. Contact us and we inform you of everything.