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Middlemist Seven (cleanser for sensitive skin)    

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Before → Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.

Cleaning the face is something we do daily, or we should. And sensitive skin (1 in 10 adults have it) should take this much more seriously. And yes, we get solemn because this topic is no joke.

This creamy foam, Middlemist Seven, It is Pai's second best-selling product after Rosehip... Keep reading

Rose water *, water, camellia oil *, castor oil *, sweet almond oil *, emulsifier derived from coconut and corn, shea butter *, vegetable glycerin, natural vitamin E, manuka oil, rosemary extract * , lavender oil *, geranium oil *, may chang oil *, rose oil *. This product is alcohol and beeswax free. 78% of ingredients are organically produced.

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