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Feather Canyon (eye contour for sensitive skin)    

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Before → Echium & Argan Eye Cream.

We will be direct and brief: this eye contour of Pai Skincare it's excellent. Also, and this is relevant, it is certified organic. It is not easy to find contours that are. If the rest of your cosmetics is, why are you neglecting your poor eyes?

Little botany lesson: the Echium... Keep reading

Purified mineral water, rose water *, apricot kernel oil *, argan oil *, thistle oil *, emulsifier derived from coconut and corn, rosehip oil *, shea butter *, echium extract, vitamin E natural, vegetable glycerin *, corn extract, basil extract, rose geranium oil *, orange oil *, natural lactic acid from beets. 73% of the ingredients come from organic farming. This cream does not have alcohol or beeswax. 76% of ingredients are organically produced.