We have the mask you need

Mask mania. There is mask mania in the air. During these days of confinement and social distance, one of the biggest questions we attend is about finding the perfect mask according to skin type, age or specific needs.

We have selected some to enjoy, both the process and the result:

Moisturizing mask for sensitive skinFace mask by Barbara Sturm.

    Perfect for when the skin needs an extra instant hydration. It contains purslane, a very powerful anti-aging active that helps soothe the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation; its kaolin leaves the skin soft and supple like silk.

    Mask for mature skin: Awakening moisture night mask by Shigeta Paris.

      With regenerating essential oils and antioxidants, this creamy mask is applied at night. It seeks to protect the three signs of youthfulness of the skin: firmness, luminosity and hydration. 

      Mask for before an eventTired by Faace

        These vegan and practical masks have conquered us: they are very easy. Tired contains, among other assets, caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin C, perfect to give that extra vitality and energy to the skin when you need it most. 

        Mask to balance oily skinRegulating mask by Epiliscious.
          If you are worried about your skin because you have uncontrolled hormones and have a tendency to pimples, this mask promises to regularize and balance excess sebum. Leaves skin polished without drying out, thanks to its hyaluronic acid content.


          Mask for the spa experience Imprinting hydrogel mask from Bioeffect. 

            This hydrogel mask is perfect for recreating a professional treatment at home. Provides large doses of hyaluronic acid to refresh and hydrate drier skin. Can be applied together with the famous EGF serum for an intensive and regenerating treatment.

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