Laconicum plans in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, or Cop, for locals and regulars, is laid-back and uplifting. It is much more than design, bikes, beautiful people and Smørrebrød, although we love all of that. We propose some plans that jump from the topical to the latest.



We know that it is typical but you never have to stop doing the typical. Sometimes, because of snobs, we miss the best. It is very common to go to Hay, but you have to go. This brand is a delight. It is in a building on Strøget, the shopping street, and you can pass by because it is on the first floor. Go up and get lost among furniture, notebooks, trays. You don't want to go out. 



If they tell us that the day after a dinner we were going to remember with delight an asparagus soup and a cauliflower (eye, cauliflower) we would not have believed it. We were having dinner at P Eatery, the hotel restaurant Skt Petri (Preferred Hotels and Resorts) and dinner left us speechless. Chef Brendon Walker serves exquisite and pure Nordic cuisine. All trips must include a treat. Dining here can be that whim. 



In all cities there is a street that concentrates the spirit of that tangible and intangible thing called “the new”. In Cop, it's Jægersborggade. It is somewhat out of the center, in Nørrebro and the walk makes up for it. In addition, to get there you go through the cemetery, which is green and cheerful. On this street there are artisan candy shops like Karamellieriet, pretty object shops like My Favorite Things, eco design like Gågrøn, restaurants like Manfreds or cafes like The Coffee Collective. Don't worry if you can't pronounce the name - neither can we. 



Having a chili con carne with many books around is an unbeatable plan. You can do it in this bookstore-restaurant in the center of Copenhagen. The space is spectacular and the atmosphere informal, like everything here. At Paludan, books are not an excuse, because it began as a university bookstore-publishing house in the Jewish quarter. Nobody here seems to be in a hurry and that, in these times, is the measure of many things. 



A good hotel with a good history. Alexander Kolpin, its owner, was the first dancer of the Royal Danish Ballet. When he finished his performances he would celebrate and relax in this house, where the hotel was. One day he bought it and decided to open Sanders. This warm and intimate hotel has stirred up the city scene with its private home spirit. We love everything about Sanders: the decor, the rooftop conservatory, the breakfast coffee, the armchairs and the bathrooms. It is one of those hotels that you are sorry to leave. 


We return to claim the typical. This amusement park opened in 1843 and seems suspended in time and space, especially at night, when it becomes, topical attention, the setting of a story. It is a place full of life, where you can also listen to a Big Band that you ride on a wooden roller coaster from the beginning of the 20th century. If you haven't come to Tivoli, you haven't been to Copenhagen.


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