Laconicum Plans June 2020

June came. The city again unfolded before our eyes and our feet and the public and private plans, home and street, returned. These are some of the Laconicum plans for this month:

Bask in formage

If Laconicum were a cheese shop we would want it to look like Formaje. We do not know, yes, if we could transmit as Clara Diez, his factotum, the story that hides his collection of tasty and beautiful cheeses. Formaje is food, fun and almost, cult. (Plaza de Chamberí, 9, Madrid). 

Visit Maksu

The fashion of the present, which is part of the future, will be handmade and transparent or it will not be. The garments that hang from the Maksu hangers are beautiful and delicate, because in the future there will always be a large space for sensations. Their blouses, kaftans and dresses are firmly intended to be fashion that cuts across fashions. (Lagasca, 50, Madrid).


Read The skin

As befits those who spend the day thinking about their skin, we have read the latest book by Sergio del Molino. This essay takes as an excuse the skin and its imperfections to do something that this writer nails: go around the bush. No one escapes the power of the skin. (Ed. Alfaguara).


Celebrate dinners, lunches and whatever-that-arises at home

The house is still our refuge. Now we open it to dear people with whom we want to eat and drink. Here are some delivery recommendations that we have tested.

For one impromptu dinner nothing better than some tacos to the governor of Tepic and for one Sunday feast with the family Jai alai is the winning option. If you were wanting to resume the habit of brunch, order one of the baskets of Knead (watch out for crackers) and if you want to suck your fingers ask cockles and prawns fresh to Salt and Laurel; you will do it literally.


Listen to music (and sing it)

Niña Vintage composed the tune for our presentation video back in our early days and we have followed them ever since. His new EP, "That was love" is a walk through the keys to a love relationship. The songs are sharp and mischievous and the second listen they are already sung out loud. Listens "This was love" on Spotify.