Laconicum plans in New York

On our last trip to New York we have walked for kilometers, climbed the tallest buildings, crossed the island from top to bottom, entered places we knew and others we sensed, slept little, eaten a lot. These are some (just a few) of our plans there:

  • Sleep in the heights of Soho in Nomo Soho. Take a shower every morning overlooking the East River. 
  • Relax the muscles of the face in Face Gym
  • Honor us in The Aviary with a cocktail menu overlooking Central Park. 
  • Invent our own lipstick in The Lip Lab.
  • Eat Southern-style fried chicken and massive amounts of carbs in Good stuff diner
  • Buy Spicy Cinnamon Altoids at CVS. 
  • Eat vegan (and surprisingly yummy) ramen at Ramen hood, in a corner of Nolita.
  • Alternating with the locals at sunset in the Broken shaker having a Jake the Snake. Too many cocktails, we know.
  • Trying on absurd sneakers in the shops of Soho. And buy some. 
  • Have an avocado and cheese sandwich at Cafe clover.
  • Visit Annie Leibovitz's former studio in the Meatpackging District converted into Hermès Store
  • Take a hot or cold broth to go that we will buy in Brodo. The fashionable dish is hundreds of years old. 
  • Go up and down the hotel stairs (which is more than a hotel) Public. Raise and lower them again. 


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