You are pregnant and have many cosmetic doubts

Every day we receive many questions from pregnant women; doubts about what can be used and what not. To try to help you and clarify the most frequently asked questions, we have prepared this list that includes all those Laconicum products that we believe that you should not used during pregnancy or lactation. Patience. It is time for patience. 

  • Essential oils: 
    Essential oils should be avoided during the first trimester, as they can pass into the bloodstream and cross the placenta, and during lactation, as they can also get into breast milk.

    Essential oils should not be confused with vegetable oils. Vegetable oils such as rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, argan oil or calendula oil are excellent for the regeneration of the skin, providing nutrition and elasticity.
  • Les Huilettes: The aromas and properties of this French brand are very tempting, but it is better to avoid its use during pregnancy and lactation, due to its high content of essential oils.
  • Retinol and its derivatives (such as retinoic acid or retinaldehyde): It is not recommended for use during pregnancy. It is an excellent ingredient and the most powerful anti-aging active there is, but when absorbed it can be harmful to the baby. Therefore, it is best to avoid all cosmetics that contain it.

  • Caffeine: lCaffeine is a stimulant and is contraindicated these months.  Therefore, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is better to temporarily remove all creams and lotions that contain it and leave it for later. 

We always say it and repeat it: we are not doctors. To resolve any questions you may have, we recommend reading all the ingredients of each product, which you will find at the end of each of the tabs. And above all, consult any questions with your doctor or gynecologist. This is the most important thing we can say. 

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