What eye contour should I use?

There are recurring questions: Will Trump renew his term? Is it better to have fruit before or after eating? Will there be umpteenth elections? Hard or soft nougat? What eye contour should I use?

The latter does have an easy answer. We tell you the most common concerns and we give you a solution.

I have ears: 

They can be beautiful. Angela Molina fits very well, but sometimes we like to cover them. Contour Matcha Tea Ultrafirming Eye Cream from Teaology, having vitamin C, is perfect if you are concerned.

I don't like my bags:

They make us look more tired and older than we are. EGF Eye Serum Bioeffect is, like everything in that Icelandic brand, terrific. The applicator allows you to massage and drain the eye contour while caring for it. In addition, it provides light to the area.  


These expression lines ...

Welcome be. That means that we express ourselves, but nothing happens to try to qualify them. The Eye contour creamGallinée is great at containing seaweed extract, which is powerful against dark circles and fine lines, and squalene and shea butter, which deeply hydrate

My eyelid tends to droop: 

Gravity is one of the few constants in human life. The FX Eyelid Lift Serum by Perricone is formulated to take care of the firmness of that area while softening the folds and improving the appearance of bags and dark circles. It is the only one that works in the 360º of the eye. 

A bit of everything:

If you want to take good care of the area, Cold plasma eye by Perricone it does. This eye contour cCombat the seven visible signs of aging: expression lines, bags, dark circles, redness, loss of elasticity, loss of hydration and radiance. 

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